About Us

Please allow us this opportunity to introduce the services of North American Mechanical Services Inc..

North American Mechanical Services was formed to provide high quality rebuilding services, parts, & technical support for the industries using disc refiners in both high and low consistency applications.

Our refiner rebuild team has a combined experience of over 100 years servicing refiners used in the RMP, TMP, CTMP, Stock Preparation, Deshiving, and MDF industries; as well as plant-fiber, and chemical fiber applications.

We service double-disc, twin-flo, single-disc, double-revolving disc refiners in pressurized and non-pressurized applications.

We also service and rebuild refiner process support equipment, such as plug screw feeders, steam separators, screw presses, screw feeders, and pulp recycling equipment.

Reliability and performance improvement up-grades and modifications to-suit process applications are also a focus of our services.

Training for maintenance and set-up of various refiner models, for those customers who do not have personnel experienced with their older installations, is another service we can provide at North American Mechanical Services.

As a sister company to American Machine & Gear Inc., a 60 plus year company with a history of high quality parts manufacturing and mechanical services capabilities, we have “in-house” capabilities to produce components and repair items more competitively than vendors who have to sub-contract these items.

Our refiner rebuild inspection and work-scopes are comprehensive processes designed to extend performance and reliability of the refiner in its present day application. We also provide documentation of dimensions and conditions to assist in your maintenance planning decisions.

Our methodology, in the inspection and rebuild work-scope development for each refiner, is to assure that all of its components are within factory tolerances, and in condition to last through the next in-service cycle. In most applications, this is a 5-7 year cycle before the consumable components wear out.

Another service we offer is our PTA (plasma transfer arc) procedure. This incorporates our special blend of product that increases wear characteristics and prolongs life expectancy on high wear components.

Line up of Rebuild Refiners and Components